Expansion Kits
Increase throughput

Expansion Kit® increases throughput of existing Applied Materials 7700 and Applied Materials 7810 series reactors through system upgrades. Expand your epitaxial capacity and lower your epitaxial costs. With the Expansion Kit®, your 78XX and 7700 system can now be retrofitted for 3 high 150mm wafers.

MT7700 Epi Reactor
New and rebuilt epitaxial reactors

The MT7700 family systems bring major economic advantages to the epi market. High yield is a result of outstanding film quality and run-to-run repeatability. With the new heat array of 23 lamps for each module and the improved heat power distribution, the MT7700K outperforms the older model 7700.

Spare Parts
Parts for AMAT Epi Reactors

Your one stop shopping for all your parts distrubution needs including: AMT78XX, AMT7700, MT7700 and MT7700K epitaxial barrel reactors. All parts are licensed and inspected to manufacturer's original drawings. Improved options are also available.

News updates


New MFC replacement system for 7800, 7810, and 7700 epi systems.


Replacement rotation motors for 7810 and 770 epi reactors.

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